Candy Bar Halloween Costumes

Jan 11

Candy Bar Halloween Costumes

In a blatant effort to be the “good house” this Halloween we went all out with not only full-sized candy bars, but we gave them costumes too!  Halloween candy bar covers are super simple to make, and are certainly a more festive treat for trick-or-treaters than the traditional mini-Snickers bar.

For the mummy, stick two googly eyes at the top of the candy bar, wrap white crepe paper party streamer around the candy bar, and secure it with a little tape on the back.

To make bat covers (my personal fave), print out the template below and cut the bat out of black construction paper.  Add some googly eyes and tape the ends of the candy bar wrapper to the back.  Place the candy bar inside the bat and its wrap wings around the candy bar.  You can fasten the wings with double stick tape or a glue dot, but I left mine free and just stacked them to hold the wings in place.  You can also use the ‘Happy Halloween’ tag on the template and tape/glue it to the front of the candy bar for a fun surprise under the wings.


Download Bat Template HereCandy Bar Bat Cover Template

I found this project on Pinterest, but it originated from


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