Dog Prom Birthday Party

Jan 12

Dog Prom Birthday Party

Some may call me crazy, and others actually probably agree – my dog, Parker, is like a child to me and I think he deserves a birthday party just like any little human would.  Plus a dog birthday party is a fun way to get friends together for something a little funnier than your average BBQ.  For Parker’s 5th birthday, I decided to up the stakes and make it a theme party – Dog Prom to be specific.

For the favors, I thought that having prom photos (for the humans) would be super cute, so I transformed my den into a photo booth using a blue sheet as a back drop and several prom-tastic balloons from Party City.  The set up doesn’t need to be very tall since everyone will be posing with their dog and, well, dogs are short.  For that reason, it is also important to have a mix of balloons with helium and some on the floor.  I also bought a few props for the dogs to make it more realistic – that is, crowns for Prom King and tiaras for Prom Queen.  All of the four-legged guests were instructed to wear ‘formal attire’ which opened the door for some entertaining outfits.


After we took all of the pictures, my boyfriend was in charge of printing them out and placing them in the paper frames below before everyone left.  I printed out the cover (Back to the Future’s Enchantment Under the Sea Dance) and just used a glue stick to put it on the frame.


For the dog guests, I had a few more surprises – we had a dog birthday cake (naturally), personalized dog bowls for each guest, prom-ish favor boxes filled with Parker’s favorite treats (including some really cute rawhide cupcakes – they looked like the real thing!), and a bouquet of rawhide lollipops to share.  I found a great dog bakery to make the cake (only $22), bought the bowls at Target, and then just wrote on them with a metallic Sharpie.  I bought the favor boxes, labels, and ribbon at Michael’s.


We also had a people cake from Ben and Jerry’s and some spiked punch, among other snacks and adult beverages.  Spiked punch is a MUST for any prom though.


A nice difference from a kid party is that with 15 or so dogs running around, you don’t need planned activities – heck, you could even do away with any dog food/cake since that is where most of the problems arise anyway.  This has become such a fun annual event, that the bar seems to be raised each year – 2012 will be over the top, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Lastly, I have to add that Dog Prom was so ridiculous (yes, I acknowledge that it is) that it even made it on  Seriously.

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