Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Jan 12

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Thanksgiving seemed to be the catalyst in bringing out the inner baker in me over the holidays – it might have been just the general excitement over food, but I spent a lot of time in kitchen either way.  I originally made these to take to a CU tailgate just before T-Day – in hindsight, it would have been a better activity with the niece and nephews, but they were well received anyway.  I mean, can you really go wrong with sugar cookies and frosting?  I think not.


  • Bake the sugar cookies as directed on the Pillsbury package.
  • Use the chocolate frosting tube to pipe frosting on the external edge of ½ the cookie.  Arrange the candy corn on the frosting for feathers (points facing up), ensuring that no frosting is still visible.
  • For the nose and legs, you’ll need orange icing or frosting.  I had a hard time finding orange icing or frosting so I used white frosting, and then added red and yellow food coloring gel to make it orange.  To easily apply the frosting to the cookie, you can create your own piping bag with a re-sealable Zip-Lock bag. First, spoon the frosting into the re-sealable plastic bag, seal it, cut off a very small portion of one bottom corner, and then pipe away!
  • For the eyes, you can either use your orange icing to affix the candy eyes, or create a second piping bag with white frosting (it shouldn’t be visible, so it doesn’t really matter).

Your cookies are ready to serve!  If you need to store or transport your cookies, I would make them a day or so in advance so the frosting has time to set – I learned the hard way that they smear really easily.  Enjoy!

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