Holiday Wreath with Family Initial

Jan 17

Holiday Wreath with Family Initial

In past years I have always been a bit of a Grinch when it comes to most Christmas-themed things.  I appreciate other people’s décor and lights, but would never consider doing any of it myself.  However, in my quest for domesticity, I had a change of heart.  It all started with Bart insisting that we get Christmas lights – knowing that there was no way I would be assisting with hanging lights (it was like 10 degrees outside….and I’m from Arizona.  Not. Going. To. Happen.), Bart opted to hire a Christmas light company who buys, hangs, and later removes and stores our Christmas lights.  My kind of service!  Anyway, I suppose that broke the seal so to speak.  Within a week or so we had purchased a Christmas tree (my first as an adult), bought decorations, ordered stockings for the whole family (including our dog, Parker), and I was ready for my first-ever holiday wreath.

I was originally inspired by the door hanging below that I found on Pinterest, but I wanted to use Bart’s last name initial which is a “L”….not so conducive for hanging.  So, I was on the hunt for an artificial-yet-classy green wreath that I could affix a berry covered “L” on to.  I could not find any such wreath so I improvised and went with a red holly wreath and a green letter.

Cut me a little slack on the amount of as-purchased items in this project (I am a beginner, after all), but the supplies you’ll need are below.

  • Red Holly Wreath (I purchased mine from Michael’s)
  • Styrofoam or Wood Letter – I suggest around 12-14”, but it really depends on the size of wreath you purchase.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Package of Moss – If purchase from a craft store, you should be able to buy a few sheets of it in a package.
  • Floral Wire

While it was a little on the messy side, this project is super easy.  Before you start gluing moss onto the letter, take the floral wire and loop it around the top and bottom of the letter, leaving a long strand on the back to later tie around the wreath.  This way, your moss will cover the wire from the front.

Next, take the sheets of moss and hot glue them to the letter, covering the front and all sides (if hanging on a screen door or in front of a window, cover the back of the letter as well).

And last, but not least, tie the wire to the wreath to secure your letter.


See?  Super fast and easy.  Next year I might even try to make the wreath on my own.  🙂


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