Personalized Tea Towels

Feb 12

Personalized Tea Towels

I love the idea of hostess gifts – I always put so much thought into them, but when the time comes I never make it to the store to buy what I had in mind, forget altogether, or just run out of time and end up bringing the standard bottle of wine that is forgettable and uninspiring at best.  I ran across this idea a few months ago and think it makes a great hostess or housewarming gift and only involves a ‘little’ planning ahead of time.  I try to keep the supplies on hand which helps in getting me to actually make them.

My favorite presentation thus far was for my friends that hosted 2011’s Thanksgiving – they are big fans of my Banana Bread, so I baked a loaf, wrapped it in foil, then wrapped it again with Personalized Tea Towels I made for them, and tied it all together with a big satin ribbon.  BTW – I love ribbon.  Seriously – it might be an obsession on par with Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe obsession or Kim Kardashian’s infatuation with publicity stunts.  Although I suppose that is a discussion for another blog post…  🙂  In short, I think these guys make a great little something extra to say thank you….even if it is accompanying that standard bottle of wine.



  • Iron your towels to remove all wrinkles and creases.
  • Dip your stencil brush in fabric ink.  Apply paint to rubber stamp using a dabbing motion; a smooth stroke doesn’t get enough paint on the stamp.
  • When doing this for the first time, do a test run by stamping a paper towel to see how it turns out – you can then adjust the amount of paint you used if there is too much or too little ink.
  • Decide on how you want the placement of the stamps on your towel – I tend to side with a simple design along one edge of the towel as a border of sorts.
  • Let your design dry for at least 30 minutes.
  • Set your designs by ironing over the print; definitely use a paper towel over the print at first so paint residue doesn’t end up on your iron.  After some thorough ironing, remove the paper towel and iron directly over the design some more.  After the design is heat-set, the towels are washing machine-friendly.

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And I must give credit where credit is due – I found this idea here:

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