Hangover Kit Party Favor

Mar 19

Hangover Kit Party Favor

I recently hosted a Bachelorette Slumber Party and thought some preventive measures for the morning after would make for a good party favor – and I was right!  These were a big hit.  We also decided that these could also be referred to as a “Jet Lag Kit” if you wanted to use them as a Destination Wedding Favor and wanted a more PC name. Either way, these are pretty easy, quick, and make an impression if nothing else.  I liked these so much that I think they’ll be making an appearance at my wedding – I might even get a custom stamp from Paper Source to make them more personalized.



  • Lay out your cotton muslin bag and place 3-4 Post-It Notes inside the bag so that the fabric paint doesn’t bleed through.  I bought my cotton muslin bags here ($10 for 25).
  • Dip your stencil brush in fabric ink.  Apply paint to the rubber stamp using a dabbing motion; a smooth stroke doesn’t get enough paint on the stamp.
  • When doing this for the first time, do a test run by stamping a paper towel to see how it turns out – you can then adjust the amount of paint you used if there is too much or too little ink.
  • Stamp your muslin bags – I went with a plain heart in the center, but you could also personalize with alphabet stamps, or pick something more personal to the recipient.
  • Set your bag aside and let it dry for 30 minutes or so; it is okay to remove the Post-It Notes while drying.  Repeat the above steps for each bag.
  • Once dry, you can begin filling your bags with the supplies for the kit.

See?  How easy was that?  Trust me when I say they are both a conversation starter and that they actually get used, compared to most favors that end up in a junk drawer somewhere.


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