Custom Water Bottle Labels

Mar 21

Custom Water Bottle Labels

I love a good a project, especially if it is something where I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.  Last summer, I offered to host a Bridal Shower for a girlfriend which was the first shower I had ever planned, but was also the first I had ever been to.  Luckily for me, the bride was the most laid back person ever, and the ‘shower’ was more like an elaborate brunch.  No games, no themes, but also, no favors.  Truth be told, I didn’t really know that you were even supposed to provide favors at a bridal shower – I appreciate that no one pointed this out to me at the time though.  I would have felt terrible.  Anyway, fast-forward eight months or so and I was in the throws of planning another friend’s Bachelorette Slumber Party that I was hosting, and I was not going to forget favors this time.

Before you say, “water bottles aren’t exactly a party favor”, let me say that these were merely an accessory for my Hangover Kits, which I thought were pretty clever. With that said, I think these would be a really nice touch for any party – they’re easy to make and virtually free.  Is there really an excuse to not make them?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  🙂


  • First, you need to design the label itself. provided a downloadable PowerPoint template that I have included here: Water Bottle Label Template. The damask background was perfect for what I wanted, but if it doesn’t work for you, just find a new background to put in its place.  The dimensions of the rectangle should be about 1.88” tall by 8.25” wide.
  • Print your labels on a good-quality paper or card stock for added durability.  The template above prints three labels per page.
  • Ensure the old labels have been removed from your water bottles – it is okay if some residue remains since you are covering it up anyway.
  • Cut off a strip of packing tape that is a little longer than your label. Lay your label face down on to the tape.

I didn’t actually read the instructions carefully, so ignore my pictures on this particular point – I totally did it the hard way.  In case you were wondering what I did, I used double stick table to affix the label, then I added the packing tape.  This definitely made it harder to get it on straight.


  • Carefully wrap your label around the water bottle, pressing the tape firmly all the way around to secure it to the bottle.
  • Voila!  You’re done – and you have super cute and personal bottled beverages!

Printer Friendly PDFCustom Water Bottle Labels

As I mentioned earlier, I found both this idea and the templates on the Life {Sweet} Life blog.  🙂

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