Personalized Wine Labels

Mar 22

Personalized Wine Labels

This is a little less “project” and little more on the “assembly” side – either way, these make great party favors or gifts (think housewarming, engagement, birthday) and are relatively inexpensive ($10 for 9 labels + wine) so I wanted to share.

I went about doing this a bit backwards by buying the label first, then wandering through the liquor store to find a bottle with an existing label that was smaller than my new label.  While that totally works, I would find the wine first next time – the measurements of each label are provided, but I think most are about 3.75” by 4.5”.  Cut out a piece of paper in that size, then go to the liquor store to buy your wine, making sure the paper covers the entire existing label (unless, of course, you want to go through the process of removing the labels altogether).  Once you have your wine, you can then create an accurate description of what it actually is when you order your labels (e.g. Merlot – Oregon, Cabernet – California, Pino Noir – Napa Valley, etc).

Update: If you have a large warehouse-type liquor store in your area, call the first to see if they can order wine without labels.  After doing this a second time, I went to Argonaut Liquor in Denver and they ordered several bottles without the front labels on them.  SO much easier, and they didn’t charge anything extra.

I bought my labels here: Pinhole Press

Once you get your labels, it is as simple as sticking them on the wine bottles (they have adhesive backs).  See?  A great party favor – because who doesn’t want a bottle of wine with your mug on it?  🙂


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