Custom Candy Wrappers

Apr 02

Custom Candy Wrappers

This is another one of those projects that really fall under the “assembly” category, but I think is worth including anyway.  I put these candy labels together for a small something to snack on (among other treats) at my friend’s bachelorette party – I suppose I just like branding things as much as possible for any special occasion (e.g. water bottles, wine labels, etc.) because it helps tie everything together.  I also have a mild, self-diagnosed case of OCD, so you can ignore me if I sound crazy right about now.  🙂

The supplies needed are pretty minimal for this particular project: 1 bag of Hershey mini-candy bars, 1 package of Gartner Candy Wrappers, and an ink jet printer.  You can design an image, or even just text, of your choice on the Gartner website (instructions are provided in the package), then print it on to the wrappers.  The wrappers have adhesive backs, so you just wrap them around the existing wrappers on the Hershey candy.


The labels I used are here, but I bought mine at Michael’s Arts and Crafts.  See?  These would be a fun little addition to just about any get together.

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