Engagement Gift Ideas

Mar 04

Engagement Gift Ideas

YodaI apologize for not posting anything in, well, an eternity to put it nicely.  I am full of excuses, but I even bore myself when listing them out, so I’ll spare you.  I promise to try harder this go-round, or has the Hubs says, “Do or do not. There is no try.” So yes, I’ll do that too.

I have, however, been busy doing very domestic things – like, getting married!  That is super domestic of me I think….and I even wear aprons sometimes.  Apparently I’m not the only one who caught the ‘getting married’ bug, because I have a handful of girlfriends making the plunge as well!  Exciting times to say the least.

So, with engagements comes engagement presents.  Does anyone else get super stumped with what an “Engagement Present” entails?  I asked around and basically heard crickets – the only exceptions being when 1) someone has a themed engagement party (e.g. Stock the Wine Cellar Party, Gardening Party, Lingerie Party, etc.) or 2) when someone is crazy-fast with setting up a wedding registry.  So yeah, not super helpful….mostly because I don’t actually know anyone who has ever had a themed engagement party (I’ve never actually even been to an engagement party), and I don’t know anyone that quick on the registry wagon.

After racking my brain for longer than I would like to admit, I made a couple of good attempts at gifts for the Bride and I think I did pretty well!  I didn’t, however, capture my fun ideas on my own camera so I stole their respective Instagram posts.  With that said, if they’re posting on Instagram, I think it is safe to say they liked them. Right?  🙂

Engagement ChampagneYou have to be pretty prompt on this first one – I would say you need to do it within a week or so of the engagement to be safe, unless you don’t care if the Bride has already picked up her own array of Wedding Mags.

Wedding Magazines & Champagne

Step 1: Pick up a handful of your favorite bridal magazines. I went with the local Colorado variety since I knew this particular friend wanted to keep her wedding in-state.

Step 2: Select a nice bottle of champagne.

Step 3: Wrap it all up in a nice ribbon, with a cutesy congratulatory tag. (I bought the metal tag at Hallmark, but you could also use letter stamps on nice card stock or something.)

See?  Simple, sweet, and super adorable.


Okay, take two!  I actually thought about this one for mooooonnnnnths.  I knew the proposal was coming, and I was determined to come up with something unique gift-wise.  My BFF, Kate, lives in Australia and unknowingly gave me the perfect birthday gift last year.  When I opened the package, I found a beautiful pair of earrings that just screamed WEDDING!  I wasn’t engaged at the time, but that is what I thought the second I saw them (the Hubs proposed just one month later), and ultimately ended up wearing them at my wedding in the Fall.  I loved the idea of me wearing something on my big day from such a special friend, so I wanted to do the same for her.  The thing is, she has 2 sisters so I imagined the odds of them having something old, new, borrowed, or blue to give her were pretty high – so I decided to give her one of each and just hope something worked. The extra would just be fun stuff for another day.

Engagement GiftSomething Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

Something Old: I was originally looking for a wedding-appropriate vintage clutch, but was coming up empty handed. Until, however, I stumbled across a not-so-vintage, but very gently worn pair of Jimmy Choo sandals in Kate’s size that would be perfect for a wedding.

Something New: I bought a petite clutch and classic earrings from Anthropologie for Something New – I kept the color themes to silver and gold tones so everything should work regardless of what direction she goes on the big day.

Something Borrowed: So this one was a bit of a stretch since I didn’t really have anything to lend her….also, it is sort of weird to give someone something to actually borrow as a gift.  With that said, OPI Nail Polish is harder to come by in Australia, so I bought Kate’s favorite color (a new bottle) and said she could give it back to me if she really needed a “borrowed” item.

Something Blue: I was stumped on the blue thing for my own wedding, so I bought a pair of the Hanky Panky “I Do” panties.  You couldn’t see them through the dress and I was able to mark off the “something blue” on the checklist – easy enough.  So, I figured that would be a safe bet for Kate.

Presentation: I wrapped each gift in a separate box, with matching satin ribbon, and kraft paper tags on each simply saying, “Something Old”, “Something New”, “Something Borrowed”, “Something Blue”.  I had to ship mine, so they were just in a bigger box with stuffing, but if you’re presenting your gift in person, I think putting all of the smaller boxes in a nice basket (with a bow) would be cute.

I was really proud of how this turned out even if she doesn’t ultimately use any of the gifts for her wedding.  It’s the thought that counts, right?  And every item was very thought out in this case, so mission accomplished!

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