Dried Lavender Place Cards

Mar 06

Dried Lavender Place Cards

At some point while I was in the throws of all things wedding, I became mildly obsessed with the idea of using dried lavender for my table assignments. I quickly ruled out buying lavender because it rivals the price of gold. Seriously, everything I found was around $16 a “bunch”. I use the word “bunch” loosely though, as it would have made around 3 mini bunches for the place cards. I made up my mind in the Spring, so I had months to figure out how to grow lavender of my own before my Fall wedding (I’ve never grown anything in my life, so I’m not sure why I thought this would be so easy).

First Attempt – I bought lavender seeds, special seedling soil, and all of the other things I was told to buy. I watered my little lavender seeds as directed, and patiently waited for them to sprout. A week passed, and nothing. Another week went by….still nothing. A month later….zilch.  I think it was safe to say this round was a failure.

Lavender = 1, Me = 0

Second Attempt – I sort of saw this as cheating, but I’ve never been above a little stretching of the rules. One beautiful Saturday afternoon the Hubs and I were walking through the Boulder Farmers’ Market and we came across a stand selling lavender plants (already sprouted, and about 10″ tall). I talked to the man selling them and he said all I had to do was plant them in a sunny spot with another kind of special soil. I was so excited that I bought three plants. They were completely dead within two weeks.

Lavender = 2, Me = 0

Third Attempt – At this point, I’m a bit desperate, but not willing to fail. Failure meant paying for dried lavender. And that, my friends, was not going to happen. During my previous two attempts to grow lavender, I couldn’t help but notice that it grows wild at just about every house in my neighborhood, except mine. Would my neighbors really notice if I borrowed a little here and there? Most people complain how lavender just takes over their yard….wouldn’t I be doing the neighborly thing by trimming back their plants for them? I couldn’t chance having someone say “no” if I asked, so I did one of the most rebellious things I’ve done in my adult life. I stole lavender. The Hub’s 20s were filled with excitement and running from the law (or so he says – he was also Vice President of his Chess Club in High School and a certified Mathlete), so he offered to accompany me on The Heist. Yes, that’s what we’re calling it. We scheduled the great Heist of 2012 on a weeknight and headed out just after dark. We dressed in all black, and wore our best tennies in case we had to make a run for it. We strategically chose lavender plants out of plain view, and quickly filled our bags before running (giggling like school children the whole way) home and praying that the police wouldn’t be knocking our door. The Heist was a success.

Lavender = 2, Me = WINNER!

Lavender Place CardsLavender Place Cards Once I had my lavender safe and sound at home, I hung it upside down for a couple of days to dry it out. For the record, yes, I was a little worried a concerned citizen would see my hanging lavender and turn me in. Thankfully, I am still record-free.

For the tags, I just formatted a Word Doc into three columns, centered the text, typed up the names and fonts, then printed it all out on card stock.

Place Card Template: Place Card Template

When cutting out the tags, I just cut along the right side of the text and left all of the margin on the left side (the picture shows this better than I can explain it), then punched a hole in the open space to slip the ribbon through and tie it all up.

Creating the actual place cards was the easy part as it turns out – getting free-ish lavender?  Not so much.  All-in-all, I’m glad I stuck with it because not only did they become my summer-long saga (which was a constant topic of conversation with my friends), but they were pretty adorable too.

Lavender Place Cards

Lavender Place Cards

Lavender Place Cards

Lavender Place Cards

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