DIY Chalkboard Labels

Mar 29

DIY Chalkboard Labels

I have what I refer to as a mild case of self-diagnosed OCD – I just really appreciate organization and order….more than most people I would argue. With that said, my newest obsession is chalkboard labels!  I love the rustic-y look, and a label makes everything look organized. Even if the label is “Miscellaneous” and it’s a basket filled with random junk that needs a home…..a lot of random junk. Not that I speak from experience or anything. Some of my recent chalkboard label purchases are below – the first are the cutest spice jars ever from Anthropologie.  I heart them. The second photo is from my laundry room – I bought the baskets at my other favorite store.  Target!  You can find them here. The take-away here is this: purchased items with chalkboard labels are a bit of a rip off. It obviously hasn’t stopped me from buying them, but I was determined to make something cute on my own for way less money.

We can shoot straight ahead to where we pat me on the back – I made an adorable little tin with a HUGE chalkboard label for less than $2.  I mean, $2 is even totally over estimating the cost since I can make like 15 more tins with the paint I have left over.  Go. Me. So how can you create your own chalkboard labels on, well, anything?  Keep reading!

DIY Chalkboard Labels  DIY Chalkboard Labels

First, let’s go over the supplies that you’ll need:

DIY Chalkboard Labels Supplies

Second, you’ll need a container, or whatever it is that you want to label.  I happened to have a pre-made cookie mix that came in a cute tin, so I used that.  Don’t judge the laziness of my cookie making….they were really good.

DIY Chalkboard Labels

 Third Step: WIth the precision of a master painter, you need to tape of the edges of the area you would like to paint.  Kidding – I used scotch tape. In my case, I taped around the existing label as demonstrated below.

DIY Chalkboard Labels

Now the fun part!  Start painting! If you’ve ever painted pottery before, the instructions are roughly the same. Paint in one direction (e.g. vertical) all the way around, then do the opposite for your second coat. The only difference with this is that you need to let each coat dry for an hour in between.

DIY Chalkboard Labels   DIY Chalkboard Labels

Once everything is painted, and you can’t see the material beneath, let the paint dry for at least 24-hours before you remove the tape and break out the chalk. I personally prefer the chalkboard pen as it just looks cleaner, but regular chalk is fine too. Happy labeling!

DIY Chalkboard Labels

DIY Chalkboard Labels



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