Popcorn Box Cake Pops

Jun 11

Popcorn Box Cake Pops

I decided to make these at the last minute for a Red Carpet-themed birthday party I was throwing, and they turned out SO cute.  I was skeptical on the design as it involved a lot of drawing with a candy writer, but again, I just loved the finished product – totally worth a try regardless of your general artistic talents.

Making the actual cake part of the cake pop is always the same, so follow this post on how to get started. The only things you’ll need to change from my original post are the shapes of the pops (you need rectangles), the decoration part (the 4th bullet under ingredients), and then the customization of the candy melts (color), the cake, and frosting. As for the cake and frosting – there are no rules – use whatever flavors your heart desires!  Helpful Hint: I used to struggle with getting a consistent size, and the right size – too big or too small are both problematic.  Too big usually means you have cake pops falling off of the stick, and too small looks funny.  I started using a cookie dough scoop, which is the perfect size – also, it saves a ton of time!

Popcorn Box Cake Pops | Domestic Dilettante

Additional Directions:

  1. While your cake pops are chilling, start preparing the marshmallows.  I used herb scissors since as they’re pretty sharp, but I imagine any sharp scissor would work fine.  Just take your mini marshmallow and make two cuts that intersect (like a “+”); I did this with the marshmallow lying on the longer side, but you can cut either way.  Make as many as you think you’ll need in advance, since you need to move fast when dipping the cake pops – I think I put about 8-10 on each cake pop.
  2. Once your marshmallows are all cut to look like popcorn, group them together and lightly spray the food coloring spray on top.  I used the Wilton’s brand and found it at Michael’s Arts and Crafts.
  3. Making your cake pops!  Apply the marshmallows right after you are done letting the excess candy coat drip off, and the pop is still wet.  Put them in your styrofoam block to dry.
  4. Once fully dry (I like to give it a few hours, but 15 minutes is probably fine), you can start drawing on your cake pops.  I used the Wilton’s brand food writers, which are the best I have come across so far.  Start with the “pop” in black, then draw your red lines around the box.
  5. Last, but not least, I always wrap up my cake pops with a treat bag and matching ribbon.  You don’t have to do this, I just think it is a bit more sanitary, and makes transporting easier.

Pretty easy, right?  I hope you give these a try – they are a lot easier than they look.  Also, since I had a red carpet theme (which I associate with movie theatres), I bought some cute retro popcorn boxes to display the cake pops.  I just put a plastic solo cup in the base, then cut some styrofoam to go on top.  Easy peasy.


Popcorn Cake Pops | Domestic Dilettante

Popcorn Cake Pops | Domestic Dilettante 2

Popcorn Cake Pops | Domestic Dilettante 3

Popcorn Cake Pops | Domestic Dilettante 4

Red Carpet Birthday | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante


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