Gender Neutral Baby Shower Brunch

Dec 16

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Brunch

Let me preface this post with a disclaimer: I have never really been to a baby shower, let alone hosted one prior to this. Technically I went to one shower about 14 years ago, but 1) I don’t remember much, and 2) I don’t recall any baby shower ‘stuff’ – I think it was just some appetizers and present opening, so I don’t really count it.  Needless to say, my friends are all late bloomers (like me) in the whole settling down phase of life.  So with all of that said, I was SUPER excited when my friend Marcia let me host her baby shower this summer.  Since my entire career has essentially been built on surprising and delighting people (I’m a customer experience consultant), having the opportunity to do something like this for a dear friend totally fits into my wheelhouse and I was super stoked for the challenge.

So, a little about Marcia and her bundle ‘o joy.  Marcia, like me, scoffs at most/all of the traditional baby shower games so they were all nixed from minute-one.  I mean, who really wants to sniff faux poo in a diaper?  How on earth is that fun?  Marcia is letting the baby’s gender be a surprise, so everything was pretty neutral and pretty classy (if I must say so myself).  Her nursery “theme” is gray and yellow with elephants, so I stuck pretty close to that for the shower.

I decided to host a brunch shower, mostly so we could have mimosas. I think this is the perfect time and beverage for a shower since a DIY Mimosa bar with a variety of juices works for both non-drinkers and those who want to imbibe a bit.  I had a few appetizers set up before brunch, then opened the buffet (menus below).  I just had one activity set up, which was DIY onesies for Marcia – this was so, so fun!  We were all surprised at the general creativity of the group, and Marcia gets a fun keepsake from each person at her shower.  As soon as the first couple of people finished eating, I ushered them over to the onesie table to get started. Finally, once the onesie decorating was done, we moved on to presents!

Side note – the eating, drinking, and onesie decorating took us about 2 hours (with about 16 guests).  There were a handful of people that could only stay that long so they missed the present opening – I normally wouldn’t think that is a big deal, but they were pretty bummed to miss that part of it, so in hindsight I should have asked about time limitations and either rushed the eating/socializing or moved the activity to after present opening to allow for them to watch the present opening.  I prefer the order we did it in terms of flow, but I guess people really want to see their gift get opened, more than decorating a onesie – which I sort of get as a person who sees gift-giving as a sport.

Baby Shower Invitations | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante Baby Shower Party Favors | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante Baby Shower Dessert Bar | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

Baby Shower Mimosa Bar | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante Baby Shower Yogurt Bar | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

Baby Shower Appetizers | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante


Appetizer Menu

Baked Spinach Dip Cups (Click Here for Recipe Link)
Veggie Platter with Hummus
Baked Brie with Red Grapes and Crackers (Click Here for Recipe Link)





Baby Shower Yogurt Bar | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

Brunch Menu

Yogurt Bar: Greek Yogurt, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Granola, and Honey.  While I went with a yogurt bar, pre-making parfaits is a fun option too.  (Click Here for Recipe Link)
Quiche Lorraine (Purchased Pre-Made from Whole Foods)
Assorted Mini Pastries: Croissants, Blueberry Muffins, Glazed Donuts, Coffee Cake Muffins
Banana Bread Loaf  (Click Here for Recipe Link)
Lemon Loaf with a Sweet, Lemon Glaze from Whole Foods
Assorted Side Dishes from Whole Foods: Orzo Salad, Mixed Grilled Veggies, and Black Bean Quinoa
Assorted Mini Wrap Sandwiches from Whole Foods


Baby Shower Dessert Bar | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

Dessert Bar Menu

Baby Cake Pops (Click Here for a General Cake Pop Recipe Link)
Baby Bottle Cake Pops
Baby Bottle and Baby Rattle Sugar Cookies (I put a solid layer of lemon jelly beans on the plate for a little added pizazz.)
Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Frosting and Gray Paper Flags– Made from a box; please don’t judge.  🙂


Baby Shower Mimosa Bar | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

Mom-osa Bar Menu

Orange Juice
Peach Lemonade
Assorted Izze Sodas





DIY Onesie Station

Baby Shower DIY Onesie Station | Chronicles of a Domestic DilettanteVariety of Onesies: I stuck with all plain white onesies, but bought a variety of sizes and some long and short sleeved.  Rumor is that babies grow really fast, so you probably don’t want 20 onesies in one size.  🙂
Variety of Fabric Scraps: I had some random scraps from my own sewing, then also purchased a few charm packs in mostly solid colors (which were the most popular).  Charm packs are pre-cut, 5″x 5″ squares and come in a variety of patterns and colors. generally has a good selection.
Fabric Scissors
Fabric Pencils
Heat ‘N Bond Iron On Adhesive: Be sure to buy the no-sew version of this. (Click Here for a Link)
Applique Stencils: I just Googled different animals, shapes, etc., printed them out on cardstock, then cut them up for easy tracing.
Puff Paint: I had a variety of puff paint pens available for people to add to their onesies, skip the fabric and just do paint, and also decorate baby socks (for the tread at the bottom or even to match the onesie they decorated).  If you add this, be sure to include cardboard scraps to put under the fabric so it doesn’t stick to both the front and back.
Baby Onesie Bunting: I tied a string above the table to hang onesies on for baby onesie bunting.  As people finished their onesies, I replaced the plain onesies on the line with the finished ones.
Ironing Station: I manned the station and actual ironing to make it simple for the guests, as the general instructions were a hair overwhelming depending on how many mom-osas one had.

Baby Shower Invitations | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

Fun Extras – Party Favors and Decor

Invitations: I am still completely obsessed with how these turned out – I just don’t think they could have been cuter. Despite being a hair time consuming, they were pretty easy to make.
Adult Gift Bags : DIY Mom-osa Set (Mini Champagne Bottle + Izze Soda) and a Chocolate Bar with a Custom Label.  I personalized each big bag with a tag that had the Baby Shower branding on it (I used the same “logo” for the gift bags, water bottles, chocolate bars,
Baby Guest Gifts : 2 Board Books (the kids were all under 2 years old) – both were elephant-themed books to stick with the shower theme.  The actual books were Elephant: Wiggle Waggles and Elephant: Pocket Pals.
Custom Water Bottle Labels: It was a pretty warm day, so these were really popular!  (Click here for a Tutorial)
Yellow and Gray Seersucker Napkins: I made these specifically for the event as I really wanted a restaurant-quality feel (no paper plates, paper napkins, or plastic cutlery) – also, it is better for the environment this way.
Baby Shower Bunting | Chronicles of a Domestic DilettanteGray and Yellow Table Runner: I also made this for the party as I think it just tied everything together nicely.  I am totally in love with the fabric!  (Click Here for a Link to the Fabric)
Elephant Garland: I bought some scrapbook paper and traced cute little elephants (with separate ears) on them one-by-one. I ended up taping them, but I think they would have been cuter had I sewn them together instead.
Scrap Paper Bunting and Circle Garland: I bought these from AnyOccasionBanners on Etsy (you can find them here).
Paper Lanterns: Purchased from Target (and borrowed from @elaineellis).
Flowers: I used mason jars filled with yellow roses and baby’s breath for the table flowers, and had some other yellow flowers (I have no idea what they are, but they’re nice and big) in the entry.


All-in-all I think it was a really perfect day. Who knew Baby Showers could be so much fun? Please let me know if you have any questions about anything – I’m here to help!

Baby Shower Party Favors | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante


Baby Shower Party Favors | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante  Baby Shower Elephant Garland | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

Baby Shower Rattle Cookies | Chronicles of a Domestic DilettanteBaby Shower Bottle Cookies | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

Baby Shower Circle Garland | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante Baby Shower Bunting Cards | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

Baby Shower Baby Cake Pops | Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

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