About Me

Sarah with ParkerI might be a domestic dilettante in its truest form, in that I am not actually domestic at all.  I have a housekeeper, I eat out for at least 70% of my meals, I can’t sew, I am completely intimidated by the idea of gardening, and I only recently learned the basics of cooking.  After decades of eating out and burning toast, I finally took my first cooking lesson at age 30.  While I still don’t ‘enjoy’ cooking, I’m resolving to make my own dinner at least a few times a week.  I’m hoping that with both time and practice, I’ll learn to enjoy the process and not just the finished product.  I love dabbling in crafts and projects of any kind, but I don’t have a creative bone in my body, so I always require some heavy inspiration (thank goodness for Pinterest!).  This blog is really just a fun outlet to chronicle my projects, adventures in cooking, and path to domesticity.

I live in Boulder, Colorado with my new husband Bart and our adorable puppy Parker, who isn’t actually a puppy; he’s eight years old (just don’t tell him that).  My professional background is in the luxury hospitality industry, where I worked for 16 years.  After finishing my MBA at the University of Denver, I made the leap to become a full-time customer experience consultant with my own firm, Xenios Advisory Group (pronounced zee-nos).  I also co-founded and help run a non-profit, Colorado Fragile X, and am a very active board member for Developmental FX, another Denver-based non-profit.

Thank you for visiting!

– Sarah


<— That’s My Super-Cute Hubs, Bart!

September 2012 ~ Vail, Colorado